About us

 All the funds raised by the Honour Club registrations are intended to support our institutional projects: initiatives and sporting and cultural events with which we want to promote and enhance our territory. 
Michele Di Gallo, General Manager

About us


The Honour Club of Fondazione Cortina registers people and organizations that support with their name and with their contribution the mission and the institutional activities of the Fondazione dedicated to the promotion of the territory.

All profits coming from the registration of the Members to the Honour Club are redistributed by the Fondazione in the interest of the development of its institutional activities.

An Official Token is issued to each Member of Fondazione Cortina Honour Club: digital, original and nominative. The Token is registered and authenticated on an encrypted ledger, that certifies the registration to the Roll of Honour.

A specific newsletter periodically updates all the Subscribers on the Honour Club’s projects and benefits, reserved for registered people and organizations.

Fondazione Cortina aims to promote and organize activities, events and any other initiatives related to developing and hosting sports and cultural events of national or international scope that contribute to the development and promotion of the territory. The Veneto Region, the Municipality of Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Province of Belluno are ordinary founding members (“Founders”). The Sci Club Cortina, the Cortina Hoteliers’ Association and the Cableway Installation Consortium of Cortina, San Vito di Cadore and Auronzo/Misurina are honorary founding members (“Honorary Founders”).

Cortina d’Ampezzo, the Queen of the Dolomites, is one of the most prestigious resorts in the Alps and a popular summer and winter tourist destination, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is surrounded by iconic peaks such as the Tofane, Faloria, Cristallo and Cinque Torri, making it one of the most prestigious alpine destinations in the world. The definitive consecration of Cortina d’Ampezzo as a prestigious alpine sports and holiday destination took place during the 1956 Winter Olympics, when the Olympic Games were broadcast live on television for the first time in Italy. Since then, Cortina d’Ampezzo has been a tourist destination of excellence, the chosen venue for numerous international sports events, with 28 editions of the Women’s FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, the FIS Snowboard World Cup, the Granfondo Dobbiaco-Cortina, numerous events for trail running enthusiasts, and many other outdoor sports disciplines.

This website, the registration services and the Tokens issuing are managed by Marketing Network Milano Srl, a professional services company of I&B - Innova et Bella group, on the direct behalf of Fondazione Cortina.


 Fondazione Cortina presents the Honour Club Roll of Honour and exclusive benefits for members


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 Fondazione cortina presenta l’Honour Club, un albo d’oro e tante iniziative esclusive per i soci
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 Fondazione Cortina presenta l’Honour Club
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 Fondazione Cortina presenta l’Honour Club